Based – at least in concept – on the Ferrari Millechili show car (though the production Enzo replacement won’t carry that name), the performance car will be loaded with the technology learned from years of Formula 1 experience.
Expected to be powered by a mid-mounted V8 engine, rather than the Maserati-based V12 that motivated the Enzo, power should easily exceed 700 horsepower. Though fuel efficiency is hardly a Ferrari selling point, the car must conform to more recent European Union standards, meaning a new emphasis has been placed on reducing consumption. It has been rumored that Ferrari will use twin-turbocharging to make the most out of a smaller-displacement (think under 6 liters) V8 engine.
Key to addressing the fuel economy issue is a significant weight and size reduction, which should bring the car well down from the just-over 3,000 lbs. of its predecessor; rumors out of Ferrari’s Maranello headquarters indicate that weight could approach 2,200 lbs. Improved aerodynamics, including adjustable front and rear spoilers, will not only help the new Enzo stick to the road at maximum speeds, but it will also ensure reduced fuel consumption.
Its platform could go one of two ways: Either a heavily-modified version of the FXX race car’s architecture – itself a variation of the road-going Enzo – or a slightly longer derivative of the F430’s aluminum space frame.
Production will probably be at least as limited as the original Enzo, meaning no more than 400 of the 1 million Euro-plus supercars will emerge from Maranello when it goes on sale in over a year’s time

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